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Spindown D20s

Spindown D20s

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Bring some flair to the table with these handmade, sharp-edged spindown D20s! These are oversized D20s with a 24 mm resting height - see the last image for a size comparison with my standard and jumbo-sized D20s.

Spindown (also called rolldown) D20s are used primarily for Magic the Gathering as health counters. Instead of being randomized across the die, the numbers on a spindown D20 count down sequentially from 20 to 1 (as in, the 20 face is next to the 19 face which is next to the 18 face, etc). Although possible to roll like a regular D20, it is not recommended since they are less "fair".

These D20s are sold individually.

About the Dice

All of my dice are molded, poured, polished, and inked by hand. The dice are made of durable epoxy resin, which can handle your rolls with ease. Due to the handmade nature of the dice, every set is unique and there may be minor faults or flaws such as small bubbles, scratches, or mold marks - however, my general rule of thumb is that these should only be noticeable with close inspection.

Care Instructions

Store out of direct sunlight. Our dice are made with premium anti-yellowing resins; however, even with the enhanced UV protection, all resins naturally yellow over time. Storing your dice away from direct light will help avoid premature yellowing.

Keep away from sources of heat. Temperatures over 100°F/40°C can cause resin to temporarily soften. If softening occurs, place your dice on a flat surface in a cool area until they return to their usual hardness. The resin is still completely skin-safe in this state.

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