Commissions are currently full! If you're interested in signing up for a commission when they become available again, I recommend signing up for my mailing list (which can be found at the very bottom of the page - keep scrolling until you hit the end!). I send out information to my mailing list on shop updates and the availability of commission slots. Thanks so much for your interest!

Commission prices start at the following (all prices are listed in Canadian dollars):

- Regular 7-piece $160+ CAD
- Painted 7-piece $240+ CAD
- Fate set $55+ CAD
- Jumbo D20 $75+ CAD
- Single regular die: D4/D6 $16+ CAD, D8/D10/D%/D12 $21+ CAD, D20 $45+ CAD
- Single painted die: D4/D6 $25+ CAD, D8/D10/D%/D12 $35+ CAD, D20 $70+ CAD

The Fine Print
- Custom dice take around 3-5 weeks to produce, plus shipping time.
- Minimum order total is $50 CAD.
- Maximum order total per commission slot is $300 CAD, just so I avoid taking more work than I can handle.
- Your order can be any combination of dice shapes but they must be all the same style/design. If you want dice in multiple designs, the minimum $50 CAD total applies to each design.
- The cost includes one recast if you're not happy with the first cast (I will send pictures for you to confirm). Additional recasts may be at extra cost, at my discretion.
- Prices are based on relatively simple designs - particularly complex designs or designs that require supplies that I don't have on hand may have an extra cost or may be declined.
- As a thank you to repeat customers, custom orders are 5% off if you've purchased any of my dice previously. Please let me know if you have purchased dice from me previously so that I can make sure I apply the discount!
- I reserve the right to remake and sell any custom dice designs (unless we have a specific agreement not to), and to use photos of the dice for promotional purposes.